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Rapper Scams $1.2M in COVID-19 Relief, Gloats with ‘EDD’ Video
"Nuke Bizzle" faces 22 years in prison after brazenly bragging about an identity-theft campaign in his music video, "EDD."
DOJ Charges 6 Sandworm APT Members in NotPetya Cyberattacks
DOJ charges six Russian nationals for their alleged part in the NotPetya, Ukraine power grid and Olympics cyberattacks.
GravityRAT Comes Back to Earth with Android, macOS Spyware
The espionage tool masquerades as legitimate applications and robs victims blind of their data.
Overlay Malware Targets Windows Users with a DLL Hijack Twist
Brazilians are warned of a new Vizom malware masquerading as video conferencing and browser software.


Press release
Change of name – Secure IT AB. Gassås Security AB today announces that the company has changed its name to Secure Information Technology Sweden AB, abbreviated Secure IT AB. The change has been approved by the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket).